Tuesday, July 26

Get ready to hear my voice!!!


I'm so excited, and so nervous, and nearly beyond words. (But really, did you ever think I'D be beyond words???)

My very good friend hosts a community radio show locally, and she has invited me to be a guest!! (Check out their site, and their show.) Of course, in October. You know, breast cancer awareness month. (I despise Pinktober.)

So, to reverse my feelings on the whole awareness month thing, I've chosen to be a guest on her show on my birthday. That should make me happier than normal to be talking about things with complete and total strangers, right?

Good Lord! What ever shall I talk about? I'm all ears, if all my dear readers would be kind enough to give their advice. What would you want to listen to me blather on about? Is there something specific that you think people would be more interested in hearing about?

I know this experience will be loads of fun. Especially because I'll be in good hands with my friend, C. And, of course, the listeners seem to be very compassionate people who wouldn't dare make a guest feel bad. :-)

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