Friday, August 19

Summer camp and homecoming

I officially feel old. (And in my world, that's not a bad thing!)

My 10 year old son went off to camp for a week this year. There was alot of excitement, up until the moment I left him waiting for the bus to pick him up with all his fellow campers. At that moment his expression said it all, "I wanna go home!" I had to get outa dodge quick, before he really did change his mind!

Today, the whole family made the 1.5 hour trek to pick him up from camp. In the middle of a Friday, during a busy workday for my husband. Not the best timing, I must admit. And there were many folks who felt they needed to deter me from doing it. "Why don't you just let him take the bus back?" "He's not gonna want to see you at camp!" "Poor Mommy can't handle not being in charge of it all." (That last one was said with a very mocking, sad face. Not nice.)

To all those who doubted my sanity, I understand. I don't agree with you, but I understand. How many 10 year old boys would, upon seeing his family coming down the hill to pick him up, take off running and meet us halfway and give his mother the biggest hug ever? In front of all the other campers?

Yep. That's right. THIS Momma's boy, and all around cool dude, did just that.

And at that moment, all was once again right with my world. :-)

I love you, buddy, and I'm so glad you're home!

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