Wednesday, July 20

Don't cry for me, I'm a winner!

I think I'm a weirdo.

Not just any ol' weirdo, but one that cries for stupid reasons.

Yes, I said stupid reasons.

I have always been the type of person that tries to keep it together in situations that you'd think I would cry in.

Sappy movies-- a few tears, and the beginnings of the "ugly cry"

Cute things my kids do-- a huge smile, and a tugging at my heart, but no tears. Usually.

I've been noticing, lately, that I have been crying while watching...

The Price is Right!
(photo courtesy: Wikepedia)

(Did you know it has been shown in over 37 countries?!)

My 10 year old loves this show, and every time someone wins, I get all verklempt. I mean, come on, why on Earth do I care that these total strangers won a prize?

And then it hit me: I have been crying over good things most of my adult life! WTH?

Didja ever watch Oprah during her "Favorite Things" shows? Good lord! I was a mess!

If you could hog-tie me and force me to watch "The Bachelorette," my guess is you'd see nary a tear. Those shows try too hard to make me cry. I can't buy it.

So now every time my son and I are watching some crazy jumping up and down lady winning some stupid prize, I am over conscious of my issue. And I squash the urge like a little bug!

And then I think of my yoga instructor, who has been trying to get me to understand how healing and cleansing crying can be. But when she talks about it, I'm usually twisted into a pretzel and crying comes easily. Not just from the poses, but from the inside somewhere deep. I end nearly every session with tears, but I always feel so great!

So, don't cry for me, I'm a weirdo. (Sung in your best "don't cry for me, Argentina" voice.)

Maybe I can get my yoga instructor to teach me how to invert my urge, so I cry when I'm sad like most people.

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  1. Naah, you don;t want to cry when everyone else does...that's way too ordinary for such an extraordinary person as you, my friend! Found myself tearing up at the website for my daughter's upcoming driving lessons...and not over the price! ;) Who can explain why we tear up when we do? It's one of the things that make us human.
    Always enjoy your posts - keep 'em coming!