Tuesday, August 10

Oh me, oh my!

I've got to get something out in the open right now: I LOVE food! I love eating it, of course, but I also find that I love reading about it in any form. I have a list of blogs that I browse regularly, and most of them are food blogs. I won't name them here, because I'm sure there are so many others I just haven't found yet. :-)

Why do I love reading about food? Is it because it soothes my soul? You know, that comfort thing? Is it because the people who write said food blogs have a knack for photographing the food in an artful and tasteful (see how I did that?) way? Partly.

My son and I went to the library (or Library! in my neck of the woods) yesterday and checked out a bunch of books. When we got home, we were looking through each others finds, and he noticed something very odd. Most of my books were cookbooks. I have a TON of cookbooks in my cupboard in the kitchen, just waiting for me to break one open and try a new recipe. Why do I need to look at yet more cookbooks? Because it makes me happy.

We ended up sitting down together, looking through one of the cookbooks, and trying to decide the best, yummiest recipe in that darn thing. It was a hard choice, but made harder because there weren't any pictures of the food! Really? If you're gonna write a cookbook, please take the time to print photos of each and every recipe in there, so that we readers can drool over, and fantasize about, the food!

So thank you to every foodie blogger out there, who's taking the time to make their food and posts so tasty to read over. And maybe someday I'll try my hand at taking photos of all the yummy treats that I make for my family. If nothing else, it will make my smile.

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