Friday, August 13

My Lucky Day!

Today is Friday the 13th. I know most people think horrible things happen on this day, but not me. Friday the 13th has been a historically lucky day for me in my life. How?

1. My husband was born on Friday the 13th. (He was also born breach, which makes me believe his Mom doesn't exactly think of this date as very lucky. :-))

2. Our first date was on Friday the 13th. (Double date, to be exact. We saw "Ghost.")

3. We got married on the 13th. Not a Friday that year, but it has fallen on a Friday since then, and I always feel it's a bit more special then. On our honeymoon, we met a few couples who chose to get married on Sunday the 14th, to avoid the possibility of their anniversary falling on a Friday the 13th!

4. I love to flip the bird to anything unlucky, just to tempt the fates. :-) (Not really, but I didn't have a 4th.)

So, in honor of this lucky day, I'm including a link about weird Friday the 13th things. Superstitions we still cling to, even though we know better. Right?

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