Tuesday, August 3

Gotta love Colbert!

I stumbled upon this gem this morning, while hopping through the blogs I read.

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As some of you may already know, I don't watch the news anymore. It's depressing, not relevant to my life (think flooding in Afghanistan), and not really news. There is only the obsurd need of "journalists" to give one political side, and then try and give the other without looking like a "liberal news organization." It's insanity!!

I get my "news" from sources like Colbert and Jon Stewart. (All without cable or satellite tv! Yes, free tv and the internet and I'm still well-informed!) These shows (The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, respectively) actually do the job of fact-checking. Yes, it's all for a joke, but it's not hard to find the funny in what's been going on in America for the last 10 years. Probably longer. And the fact that comedy shows are doing a better job of finding the truth than the news organizations is very, very sad.


  1. Colbert is a pretty sharp cookie. When you're ready to go back to the news someday, give my gal Maddow a chance. She is smart, savvy and funny, and never disappoints. We all watch every night, and the kids enjoy it almost as much as we do, especially her Moment of Geek segments.

    Meanwhile, Colbert and Daily will keep you as informed as necessary. And, oh yeah, there's that blog...what's it called? Momma Politico, that's right! ;)

    Enjoyed the post and the clip was great - thanks!

  2. MP!! I love Maddow, too, but don't get much of a chance to see her show. I have to do it online. I need to check her out more, though. And, of course, your blog is very informative. :-) Congrats on the paying gig! And coming out-- that's big! I'll always think of you as Momma Politico, though.

    Thanks for stopping by!