Tuesday, January 10

The truth can be ugly, and today I had a moment

I'm about to tell you an ugly truth about myself...

Sometimes I get overly snarky and forget that teasing can be hurtful to others. I forget that in the written word, sometimes the tone can get lost and misinterpreted. Sometimes I just plain make the wrong decision.

Today was one of those days. I am not proud of this. But, I want to be honest with myself and the universe and admit that I was wrong.

There's a right way and a wrong way to say just about everything. And then there are times when saying nothing is the best choice of all. "If you can't say anything nice..." isn't that how the saying goes? Perhaps the prudent thing to do at this point is to say nothing at all for a while. Social media can be a cruel mistress. Or something like that.

Tomorrow is a new day, though, and I resolve to be back to my old self by then. I also resolve to stay the hell off of Facebook for a while. Clearly I cannot be trusted in my current frame of mind. I will, however, spend some extra time on the mat. It never fails to make me right again.

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