Tuesday, March 6

Playing catch-up

March 6th. Tuesday. Super Tuesday for some of you. Sick kid at home all day. Not too sick, though, as he is currently crying about how mean I am for making him lay down in bed and try and take a nap.

I'm a little off on posting lately, so I need to catch you up.

My February "pay it forward" moment was taking my parents out for lunch. Technically, my dad slipped me a $20 under the table, so I suppose one could argue I didn't really take them out. (The bill was for more than $20, so I did pay for some of it.) But, in my family, dads letting their kids pay for any amount of the meal is a big deal. Arguments usually ensue, and it all is quite comical. This time, notsomuch. What did you get to do for February "pay it forward?"

Last week I was in the Starbucks drive thru, ordering a coffee and planning to use a gift card my husband received. As I drive up to the window, the SB gal says, "The woman ahead of you paid for your coffee today." She will never know how much that small gesture meant to me that day. I had received some bad news about a family member, and was so touched that someone else was spreading good cheer through small gestures, just like I had. So, this "pay it forward" idea isn't a new one, but it is becoming more popular, for sure.

Life has been hectic. Both kids in basketball, volunteering at school and for the school levy campaign, and various family issues that have come up recently. I'm sure I'm no different than most of you. Crazy times, for sure.

Right now, I'm listening to a gaggle of girls from our street playing in my backyard. They are loud, wild, and having such a good time. Who knew our swingset would still be getting so much use??

Crazy windy here. Snow overnight, sunny this afternoon, and 60's yesterday and tomorrow. Welcome to Idaho in the Spring. Since my husband has a dinner meeting, I was planning to take the kids out. We'll see what dinner-time brings as far as the sick kid goes. Maybe cereal or pancakes for dinner?

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