Wednesday, December 8

So very disappointing!

As anyone who's read my blog in the last 2 years knows, I'm a bit of a liberal. Since moving to the state I currently reside in, I've become a "bleeding heart" liberal in comparison to the reddest of red states. Nothing here has really changed.

I am not sure now what to call myself. I'm not embarrassed by calling myself liberal, or progressive, or Democrat. OK, I'm now admitting that, after the last 2 years, I'm embarrassed to call myself a Democrat. I'm not a Democrat, at least not the kind that is parading around Washington D.C. these days.

In my state, in my district, we actually elected a Democrat to the House. He lasted 2 years. Why? Because he was really a Republican in sheep's clothing. (And, he wasn't nearly as crazy as the guy he took over for.) He voted against the Health Care Reform bill (because he didn't think we needed reform), against the stimulus package (because we couldn't afford to spend more $ and balloon the deficit), and voted FOR everything the Republicans backed. Now, he would tell me he was just representing his district as best he could, which may, sadly, actually be true. But I didn't vote for him come election day. Why? Because he wasn't representing ME. And as far as I see it, most of America's problems right now stem from too many people voting AGAINST their best interests. Yep, I'm talking to 99% of you who voted Republican. I'm pretty sure that many people aren't wealthy beyond all imagination.

Yesterday, as all the hubub was going on in DC with the tax cut "negotiation," I was listening to my beloved NPR with interest as they broadcast the President's press conference. And then I listened with disgust. Not only did he negotiate with idiots about things he didn't need to negotiate with, he stood at that podium and got visibly angry with any Democrat or liberal that is disenchanted with him and his Administration's accomplishments!

All I can say is that he must be living in some bubble if he is unaware of why anyone is upset with how he's handled things so far. I understand his stance that he's been in crisis mode for 2 years, mopping up the Republicans' mess. I get that. What I don't understand is why he hasn't fought for anything that I thought he believed in. Why didn't he get more involved in the health care debate earlier, fighting to keep a public option in the debate for at least a while? Why would he think he needed to give these billionaires more tax breaks to get funding for unemployment? Why not actually have a fight over anything? We do not always need to "make a deal" right away. We should be having fights over things that are important. But we haven't lately, and it worries me.

I'm reposting Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" from his show last night. I don't always agree with him, but he is spot on in this clip, and I sorely wish the President would listen.

If we don't change how our government is taxing and spending (and they are not doing these things in the way most people think they are), then we as a country are doomed to failure. It is inevitable. I just hope we're ready for the fall.

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